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Cleaner and packaging specialist

Check, clean, pack. You’re the professional who ensures that all of our products and modules are ‘cleanroom clean’ and ready for distribution. The cleaning is done in a dark room with UV light, you pack in the brightly lit cleanroom. As a high-tech cleaner at Neways, you will work in a team that supports you and where you see work come to live. Does this sound like the challenge you are looking for? Then apply immediately as a high-tech cleaner and packaging specialist and join our team.

This is how you make an impact as a cleaner in the high-tech

Whenever a product or module enters the cleanroom, it’s your time to shine. Armed with the necessary instructions and cleaning equipment, you clean all products under your care. Your hawk-eye detects even the smallest spots and you clean with hyperfocus. Using a vacuum cleaner, nitrogen gun, alcohol wipes and UV-light you remove all contamination, like particles and stains. When you’re done, the products are completely clean according to all quality requirements and ready for the next routing steps; assembly and packaging in the cleanroom.

And this is where your role becomes pivotal. You are responsible for overseeing the entire packaging process of products, including PCBA’s, modules, and cabinets. Collaborating with your team, you engage in product scanning, labeling, and packaging in alignment with specified work instructions. Upon completing your tasks, our products are primed for dispatch to customers, where they are integrated into final products, ultimately fostering a positive impact on our world.

In brief, a snapshot of your daily responsibilities encompasses:

  • Thorough cleaning and packaging of cabinets, racks, modules, and PCAs to meet customer specifications
  • Vigilantly inspecting incoming products for cosmetic deviations
  • Executing administrative duties related to service items
  • Assiduously adhering to timelines in consultation with colleagues and team leaders

This is what we offer you as a high-tech cleaner

An appealing salary tailored to your skills and experience, complemented by an 8% vacation pay. What really sets this position apart is your integral role within a system innovation team, operating in a dynamic and vibrant project-oriented environment, surrounded by like-minded, highly proficient peers. Within our organization, we prioritize mutual respect, shared objectives, and an enjoyable work atmosphere.

Furthermore, you can expect:

  • 27 days of annual leave
  • Reduced working hours supplemented by additional compensation
  • A 15% shift allowance
  • Engaging social gatherings and team activities
  • Dedicated attention and resources to foster your professional and personal growth

This is what you bring to the team

This role demands your presence in both dimly lit and well-lit working environments, where adherence to stringent protocols and intricate high-tech components is paramount. Your alignment with the team is seamless due to your:

  • Reliability
  • Confident demeanor
  • Performance-driven passion
  • Collegial nature
  • Unwavering commitment to elevating not only your own performance but also that of the department. 

Your interpersonal skills will bolster collaborative efforts, and your ability to converse about technical subjects in Dutch or English is an asset.

Ready to make an impact?

Great! Apply now and explore Neways to make an impact as our new high-tech assembler. When we come to a successful match together, you will be employed at Neways via our partner Tempo Team.

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Let’s make a difference together.

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