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High-tech tester

No matter how well designed and skillfully built our high-tech solutions are, they will not leave our facility before you sign off on them. And when there’s an issue with a product a customer returns it to us, you and the repair analyst are the ones that finds out what is wrong. You are a vital part of a team that designs and builds complex and groundbreaking technology for demanding customers. So are you looking for a varied job in high-tech, where you and your colleagues make a difference? Then apply immediately for the vacancy high-tech tester and join our team.

This is how you make an impact as a tester in the high-tech

Whenever your colleagues finish a rack, a cabinet or a sub-assembly, you receive it and put it to the test. You check the documentation, connect the product to the test equipment and run the test. When the product doesn’t succeed the test, you start troubleshooting to find the fault supported by the technical drawings, colleagues and when needed support test-engineers. 

When needed, you program the assembled system. Using sophisticated equipment and software you look for possible problems, bugs, and errors. When you find them, you either fix them yourself or you refer the issue to your colleagues: our proto builders, repair analysts and assemblers.

The solutions we create help our customers contribute to a better, cleaner, and healthier world. Sustainability is not a buzzword at Neways. It’s in our DNA You’re the last stop in a long journey of design, engineering and building solutions for complex technical challenges. Your job comes with responsibilities but also with a high degree of job satisfaction. At the end of the day, you know that you have contributed to solutions that make a positive impact on our world.

A preview of your daily activities;

  • Perform functional, safety/high-voltage and wiring tests (connectivity test)
  • Troubleshooting errors based on technical drawings and diagrams
  • Visually check products before delivery to customers
  • Provide input for improvements
  • Occasional repair of modules

This is your team

You are part of a team with multiple disciplines. Most of the time you will be working with your colleagues from Test-engineering. They are also the ones that provide your training and help create and finetune testing procedures. When you find an issue, you reach out to our proto builders and assemblers. As a team, you turn complex technical challenges into products that help our clients to make progress.

This is what we offer you as a high-tech tester

An appealing salary tailored to your skills and experience, complemented by an 8% vacation pay. What really sets this position apart is your integral role within a system innovation team, operating in a dynamic and vibrant project-oriented environment, surrounded by like-minded, highly proficient peers. Within our organization, we prioritize mutual respect, shared objectives, and an enjoyable work atmosphere.

Furthermore, you can expect:

  • 27 days of annual leave
  • Reduced working hours supplemented by additional compensation
  • A 15% shift allowance
  • Engaging social gatherings and team activities
  • Dedicated attention and resources to foster your professional and personal growth.

This is what you bring to the team

This job involves working with complex technology, high voltages and other elements that require knowledge and skills. You possess a passion for unraveling puzzles and excel in managing responsibility with a high level of autonomy. Equally important, you meet the following criteria:

  • A degree in electronics, MBO+ or higher
  • A minimum of 1 year of hands-on experience in testing
  • Strong capacity for analytical thinking
  • Proficiency in structured analytical problem-solving (troubleshooting)
  • A strong drive to excel within a two-shift service environment

Your social skills will help you work together and you’re able to communicate about technical subjects in Dutch or English.

Ready to make an impact?

Great! Apply now and explore Neways to create impact as our new high-tech tester. When we come to a successful match together, you will be employed at Neways via our partner Tempo Team.

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Let’s make a difference together.

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