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Protobuild assembler

The prototype: the moment of truth for development teams. The ultimate test to see if the concept can and will work. You get together with your subordinates and support engineers, discuss the plans, come up with ideas to translate the customer’s electrical and mechanical drawings into a work instruction for your colleague assemblers. 

During this process you will correct the shortcomings in the technical drawings. You solder, make cable preparations, assemble and manage the administration. When you’re done, you deliver a work instruction that is ready to use by any assembler. So are you looking for a varied job in high-tech, where you and your colleagues make a difference? Then apply immediately for the vacancy prototype assembler and join our team.

This is how you make an impact as a prototype assembler

As a prototype builder you bring to life what was, until this moment, just an idea in concept. Your job involves a fair amount of pioneering; good old-fashioned handwork and creativity. We’ll provide you with all the state-of-the-art tools you need and then it’s up to you to build the most complex racks and cabinets. A glimpse into your daily responsibilities includes:

  • Interpreting and producing products based on specified technical drawings and associated work methods
  • Defining the appropriate assembly approach for New Product Introductions (NPIs)
  • Collaborating with engineers to address diverse technical issues, determine necessary solutions, and identify areas for enhancement
  • Providing technical expertise to support standard product lines

Your work represents a significant milestone on the journey from concept to solutions that empower our customers to contribute to a cleaner and healthier world. Upon completion, you and your team witness the realization of your collective vision.

This is your team

As a prototype builder, you get to work with a wide range of specialists, such as your colleagues from assembly, testing, account engineering, manufacturing engineering and quality control. They help you choose the right approach, and you provide them with data that will help them start the production of the final product version. As technology evolves, so should methods and processes. So, when you see an opportunity to do something smarter, better, or quicker: take the lead to convert your ideas to new processes together with your team.

This is what we offer you as a prototype assembler

An appealing salary tailored to your skills and experience, complemented by an 8% vacation allowance. What truly sets this position apart is your integral role within a system innovation team, operating in a dynamic and vibrant project-oriented environment, surrounded by like-minded, highly proficient peers. Within our organization, we prioritize mutual respect, shared objectives, and an enjoyable work atmosphere.

Furthermore, you can expect:

  • 27 days of annual leave
  • Reduced working hours supplemented by additional compensation
  • A 15% shift allowance
  • Engaging social gatherings and team activities
  • Dedicated attention and resources to foster your professional and personal growth.

This is what you bring to the team

As a Prototype Builder, you’ll be at the forefront of constructing cutting-edge technology. This role requires a blend of experience, insight, creativity, and an inherent passion for hands-on experimentation. Your capacity to think creatively and collaborate will be invaluable in shaping processes for seamless prototype integration into regular production. This is why you should possess:

  • An mbo+ or higher degree in electronics
  • A minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in precision mechanical assembly
  • Proficiency in interpreting and comprehending work instructions and wiring lists (in Dutch or English)
  • The ability to read electrical drawings
  • A robust drive to excel within a two-shift service environment

Navigating within our multinational organization demands strong interpersonal abilities, enabling effective teamwork. Your strong social skills will help you work together and you’re able to communicate about technical subjects in Dutch or English.

Ready to make an impact?

Great! Apply now and explore Neways to make an impact as our new high-tech assembler. When we come to a successful match together, you will be employed at Neways via our partner Tempo Team.

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Let’s make a difference together.

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